Friday, 14 March 2014

10 Must Read Styling Tips for Women

Being a woman I follow all fashion trends that suit my figure. It's not a single fashion story of mine , all girls are somewhat fashionable.I must say but the smallest tweaks to your outfit can make all the difference. Want to repurpose that casual blazer for the office? Cinch it to define your waist. Want to add extra pep to your leather shorts and white tee? Try coordinating your coat, bag, and lip color. Read on for the easiest outfit ideas that will make you look more polished, and all in under a minute. 

Add A Nice Hat To your Dress:

We like an all-black outfit as much as the next girl, but adding a brightly colored hat will take your look from mundane, to head-turning.

Replace Your Tights With Jeans:

Shown here on Leandra Medine of the Man Repeller, a form-fitting pair of black jeans under your skirt is both unexpected and practical in colder temperatures.

Wear Scarf Untied:

Add some drama by letting your long scarf hang over your coat. Extra points if it has a punchy print.

Carry A Clutch Purse:

As seen here on model, Dree Hemingway, wearing your bag as a clutch looks a little more ladydlike than stringing it across your body.

Cinch Jacket With A Ribbon:

Emmanuelle Alt, the Queen of French cool, recently cinched her oversized blazer with a skinny black ribbon. Et voila, a trend was born.

Match Your Lips, Bag, and Coat:

Inject your outfit with a trifecta of color by way of a matching bag, coat, and lip color, as this style maven did to great effect.

Cuff A Pair of Jeans You've Never Cuffed Before:

Next time you step into one of your favorite pairs of skinnies, flip the hem up for a change of pace.

Add Great Socks:

Just keep them in the same color family as either your shoes or your pants as Pernille Teisbeck does here.

Replace Your Necklace With A Scarf:

We’ve long sung the praises of the silk neckerchief. Add one in place of your go-to statement necklace.

Wear A Coat As A Dress:

Fully zip a coat in a light fabric and finish with sleek heels.

If you follow these simple guidelines to look stylish and fashionable, I'm sure you'd never be dissapointed .

Friday, 7 March 2014

I Love Makeup : Drugstore Starter Kit


I can’t quite believe in all my years of blogging that I’ve never covered the ground of a comprehensive drugstore makeup starter kit. You know how much I love lists, kits, all that good stuff – so here it is. Whether you are new to the world of beauty, are in need of some inspiration plucked freshly from the aisles of Boots and Superdrug or are putting together a to-be-gifted kit for a friend (can you be my mate?), here’s what I’d suggest lobbing into your basket that covers all beauty-bases:

FACE: Primer isn’t a completely necessary step, but it does help keep things in place that little bit longer. Right now I’m liking a dab of the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser around areas where foundation likes to play a disappearing act. For foundation it’s a toughie to find one foundation to fit all, but the L’Oreal True Match Foundation does a good job of people pleasing. When I mentioned this on Instagram I’d say 90% of the comments were in its favour; there’s a vast colour range, it’s got a natural-looking medium-ish coverage and it sits perfectly between matte and dewy. It’s good. The corresponding concealer is a nice one too that I’ve been using for years - L’Oreal True Match Touche Magique Concealer. Try to find one that can double up as an under-eye cover-up and blemish blender away-er too. A liquid highlighter is a nice addition, like Revlon Photoready Skin Lights. They can be blended with foundation to sheen it up, applied on cheeks as a highlighter or mixed it with body lotion for an oomph-ed up glow. Bronzer is a must-have for imparting faux rays on your complexion if required or adding definition; just stick to something without too much shimmer like the Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Bronze. Finally there’s blush, which being a naturally ruddy faced gal I always seem to skip, but there’s no denying that a healthy flush can come in handy in times of general ‘meh-ness’. Cream textures can multi-task as a blush and lip colour and you don’t even need a brush – you know how I feel about the MaxFactor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Pink.


EYES: To tame and define the brows, Maybelline’s Brow Drama is a good choice that sets while adding a touch of pigment in the right places. Moving onto lids and a palette that has every neutral eye makeup menu covered is the Wet ‘n’ Wild in Comfort Zone. With MAC-dupes a plenty in there, it’s comprehensive alright, though annoyingly unavailable in the UK – apologies for being a tease. But MUA and Sleek have got some wicked compacts out there storing eye makeup looks aplenty in ‘em. Then you’ve got to have a mascara and may I point you in the right direction of MaxFactor and L’Oreal – both do fab formulations that should appease you whatever your lash preference. An eye pencil or two is a good addition as well. Not only do they come in handy for upper lid lining and tight-lining they can also be used smudged all over the lid sans shadow or as a base. Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Eye Liners are the best in the biz I’ve found.

LIPS & TOOLS: My gloss recommendation is a no-brainer – Maybelline’s ColourSensational Lipglosses. If you’re into nudes give Coffee Kiss a go, pink lovers go for Pink Shock or if you fancy something subtle there’s always Cashmere Rose. But bridging the gap between gloss and lip colour are the Revlon Lacquer Balms. Now these come in every kind of formula you could possibly think of, but the shade Demure from their glossy line-up is a good all-rounder and nude option for all. Now you’ve got to have a bold lip in there and I reckon Rimmel offer up the best range on the highstreet. Their Moisture Renew formula has a tonne of bold colours, but In Love With Ginger is my personal favourite. Tools-wise, unless you’re naturally graced with a full-on flutter, a pair of eyelash curlers will always come in handy and personally I find the Superdrug ones to do the job. Then for brushes it’s all about Real Techniques. Being synthetic they buff in colour beautifully, wash well and aren’t too pricey. There’s a whole host of options to pick from, but the Sam’s Picks Collection has all the good’uns in.

Of course there are some gaps in the aforementioned kit. For example there’s no inclusion of a setting powder, (though a light dusting of bronzer should do the trick and the finish of the L’Oreal True Match isn’t too dewy) or eye primer (a bit of concealer on the lids will get rid of redness) – multi-tasking makeup is where it’s at. A note on brushes too; Real Techniques aside, No.7 do a good Lisa Eldridge approved range plus there are always deals on them and the Zoeva, available from Love Makeup do a line-up that seem very MAC-like for a fraction of the price. You may also notice the non-appearance of a nude lipstick in the list, but that’s because I’m saving the best budget buffs up my sleeve for New trends eye makeup.
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