Friday, 14 March 2014

10 Must Read Styling Tips for Women

Being a woman I follow all fashion trends that suit my figure. It's not a single fashion story of mine , all girls are somewhat fashionable.I must say but the smallest tweaks to your outfit can make all the difference. Want to repurpose that casual blazer for the office? Cinch it to define your waist. Want to add extra pep to your leather shorts and white tee? Try coordinating your coat, bag, and lip color. Read on for the easiest outfit ideas that will make you look more polished, and all in under a minute. 

Add A Nice Hat To your Dress:

We like an all-black outfit as much as the next girl, but adding a brightly colored hat will take your look from mundane, to head-turning.

Replace Your Tights With Jeans:

Shown here on Leandra Medine of the Man Repeller, a form-fitting pair of black jeans under your skirt is both unexpected and practical in colder temperatures.

Wear Scarf Untied:

Add some drama by letting your long scarf hang over your coat. Extra points if it has a punchy print.

Carry A Clutch Purse:

As seen here on model, Dree Hemingway, wearing your bag as a clutch looks a little more ladydlike than stringing it across your body.

Cinch Jacket With A Ribbon:

Emmanuelle Alt, the Queen of French cool, recently cinched her oversized blazer with a skinny black ribbon. Et voila, a trend was born.

Match Your Lips, Bag, and Coat:

Inject your outfit with a trifecta of color by way of a matching bag, coat, and lip color, as this style maven did to great effect.

Cuff A Pair of Jeans You've Never Cuffed Before:

Next time you step into one of your favorite pairs of skinnies, flip the hem up for a change of pace.

Add Great Socks:

Just keep them in the same color family as either your shoes or your pants as Pernille Teisbeck does here.

Replace Your Necklace With A Scarf:

We’ve long sung the praises of the silk neckerchief. Add one in place of your go-to statement necklace.

Wear A Coat As A Dress:

Fully zip a coat in a light fabric and finish with sleek heels.

If you follow these simple guidelines to look stylish and fashionable, I'm sure you'd never be dissapointed .

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