Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Latest Lawn Collection 2013

The fashion trends always follow the season.The Lawn season has arrived and it is a time to share Latest Lawn Collection 2013.Every botique and garments related industry is trying to bring the best fashion dresses for Pakistani women.The long style Qameez is getting popular once again and Pakistani women just love that.We hope this collection of Latest Fashion Dresses would match your style.







Friday, 26 April 2013

Best Body Sprays For Girls [Women]

Want to smell nice all over? Using a best body spray can give you a long lasting nice fragrance.Girls or women,everbody tries to find a Best Body Spray.The body smell is always a personality indicator and a spray can make you unique and loveable.Can’t justify a spritz of Chanel’s finest everyday?Then a body spray could be the answer!Chic and cheap,we has picked out the best body scents that will have you smelling sweet,sans the hefty price tag.Check our listing below.
1.Jean Nate by Revlon
Refresh,renew and revitalize your senses with Jean Nate by Revlon.The light citrus scent you love--all over.Clean Naté…Clean never felt so fresh!™ Go one step beyond any clean you've ever known with Jean Naté™.The light clean scent refreshes your senses all day long.
2.Australis Body Sprays Water Berry Body Spray
As far as body sprays go, this is one of my all time favourites.I remember first buying this fragrance when I was only 12 or 13 years old and I haven't stopped loving it! It's fresh, fruity and quite long-lasting. It’s a great accessory for any hand or school bag.Australis Body Sprays Water Berry Body Spray is the best for me.
3.Victoria's Secret Amber Romance Body Mist
I absolutely love this body scent "Amber Romance" from Victoria Secret.It is a very mellow,inviting smell that lingers for most of the day.It can be a bit spendy if purchased in store,but worth the money.I highly recommend this to any women who loves to smell good.
4.Evoke Body Sprays Smitten Kitten
Evoke brings out the teenager in you!It is such a girly,fruity scent.This spray makes me wonder why I stopped using body sprays in the first place.It really freshens the body and the senses on those hot summer days.I also like knowing that when I am spraying this sheer fresh scent,it’s not at the expense of having to test on animals.
5.Dream Angels Halo
Dream Angels Halo by Victoria`s Secret is a Floral fragrance for women.Dream Angels Halo was launched in 2000.The nose behind this fragrance is Ilias Ermenidis.Top notes are poinsettia,fig leaf,freesia and tiare flower;middle notes are orchid,pepper and vanilla;base note is sandalwood.
Best Body sprays for Women are not a free pass to forgo proper hygiene.It is essential to regularly bathe,wear deodorant,brush your teeth,and stay clean.Scent should be like icing on the cake.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Skin Care Tips For Women

The beauty and style differs in every region of the world.Women in European countries find light brown skin more attractive while white skin color is a symbol of beauty in Asia and Africa.Where-ever you go,Latest Fashion trends are followed and beauty care is adopted irrespective of regions.The fact is that beauty is not in the color but it is dependent on flawless softness and suppleness of the skin.Most of the young girls think that beauty lies in white skin and for this reason they buy expensive creams and formulas from the market to improve their skin tone.Most of these creams are not helpful for the skin as a result they end up spoiling their entire complexion.
Beauty creams have instant results but after some time,they start damaging face with pimples and stains.It is also a fact that light brown skin looks more beautiful and adorable than white skin if maintained.All the most beautiful girls that are highly rated for their beauty have light brown skin colour like Eva Mendes,Claudia lynx,Jessica Alba and Aishwarya Rai.

To make their face attractive,girls first need to focus on the cleanliness of the face.It is better to use soap that doesn’t make their skin dry.The face should be washed at least twice a day and moisturising lotion should be applied after every wash.It is very important to understand the nature of your skin and use the right soap that suits it.

Foods that freshens the skin should be used more often.Fruits and vegetables like oranges,carrots,cucumbers and radish help to freshen the skin.Another useful tip to make your skin glow is by using Nigella Sativa seeds (Kalonji).Grind the seeds of Nigella sativa and add them in luke warm milk.Before going to sleep massage it on the face gently and wash it with a face wash when you wake up.

Due to lack of sleep or by excessive sleep or by the lack of proteins or vitamins in the body dark circles appear under the eyes.Dark circles also appear under the eyes of the people who use lenses.But the most frequent and possible cause of dark circles is lack of sleep so it is better to sleep on time and wake up on time as well. Washing eyes four five times a day also helps to minimize the risk of dark circles.

If dark circles appear under the eyes then the best possible method of treating them is by keeping sliced cucumber on each eye for a few minutes every day.There are many natural creams available in Pakistan that helps to cure the dark circles around the eyes like Qureshi Herbal Butane Cream, Derma Revel Under Eye Gel and Under Eye Balm.There is no guarantee that these creams will work but they are worth trying.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Best Women Perfumes 2013

How are you my women?I'm here again with Best Women Perfumes 2013.Check my best perfumes list here.Perfumes for women come in so many different fragrances that it can be mind boggling. Womans perfume can be fruity, spicy, flirty, sexy, innocent, or floral. These are just a few examples of the many types of perfumes for women.It is a well-known fact that women from all over the world find perfumes to be irresistible. 
When women are looking for a new perfume to buy, they always look for something divine and exotic in the brands they choose. Whenever shopping for perfumes, their eyes go through their already tried and tested brands to see if they have made any new additions to their line of products.
Kiss Her Perfume for Women
It is one of the most seductive and appealing fragrances out there in the market designed to empower a woman with never before seen seduction tools.
Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana
Another one of the top perfumes for women is Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana.This womans perfume has interesting perfume notes including but not limited to green apple,citron,musk,amber,and white rose.
Euphoria by Calvin Klein
One of the top perfumes for women has to be by designer Calvin Klein.Euphoria perfume is one of Calvin Klein's most popular and best perfumes for women.First introduced in 2005,Calvin Klein Euphoria has become a womans perfume classic.
Tommy Girl
Occupying the spot on our List of perfumes for Women – 2013 is Tommy Girl.Although the price for this is a tad bit on the higher side,still it will give you the best value for your money and is one of the perfect fragrances for women to wear on casual occasions.The crispy and fresh fragrance is sure to add that seductive and magnetic appeal to your personality making men run after you in circles.
Juicy Couture Perfume for Women
Juicy Couture perfume for women is a fun,fruity,floral perfume at first.Then it changes personality and becomes a woody,spicy,gourmand fragrance.It is truly one of the top perfumes for women around the world.


Friday, 5 April 2013

Stylish and Latest Neck Designs For Women

The Latest Neck Designs 2013 collection is here for women.Women are as crazy about variety in Latest Fashion as they are about dressing up or any other indulgence.At the same time,they wish to stick on to sobriety to safe guard their chastity.In such cases they opt for variety in churidar neck designs.Churidar collections that a woman might own would have this spectrum of churidar neck designs.One might opt for one of the neck patterns with personal choice or keeping suitability in mind.Not only does the neck cut vary but also the thread work in this region adds to the variety of churidar neck designs.Check our Latest Neck Designs 2013 collection.

Some churidar neck designs are simple with thread work in the same colour,while some others have elaborate works in stone and contrasting thread colors.Apart from the basic round,square,v shaped and u shaped necks a lot of innovative ones like leaf,heart and zig zag patterns have evolved.The best way to hold a lady customer is to make her indecisive in choosing.Many shops have Churidar collections catering to this craze among women for cute neck patterns.



Experienced and successful designers do not randomly apply churidar neck designs.They take care to observe the balance and harmony of the entire attire while choosing neck patterns for their Churidar collections.Along with the aesthetic aspect of the neck patterns,designers also strive to insert a sense of smartness in these churidar neck designs.
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