Saturday, 31 May 2014

3 Reasons Why Mom Was Right About Hot Fashion

I always tried to put on revealing clothes and adopt hot fashion. My mom was not in favor of that because of three reasons. Before I speak about those 3 reasons that why my mom was against hot fashion, I must first go through the back story. I am 17 Years old now. I should not include my measurements here but I must say that I look quite a sexy girl. Almost everything I own, clothes, shoes and other fashion stuff, is categorized as hot. This is because I mostly go out wearing something that attracts, deep necked or tight clothes,sharp colors and sometimes slutty clothes.because, I don’t know why, I wanted to seek attention.So I also don’t even worry about how I've been wearing the same black t-shirts and a couple boy-button-downs and that I forget what my “style” might be, really, because I haven’t participated in fashion beyond holding a mindset of such stuff.
1. Reason No.1 My Weird Attentions
This was the main reason that my mom was against hot fashion. She always thought that hot fashion tries to divert my attentions. To some extent that was true. Whenever, I went on a party wearing a revealing dress and some males in the party started staring me , I usually got diverted from the main course. I never thought that I was there to attend the ceremony , not to start an affair.I UN-intentionally thought again and again about those eyes staring me and searching my body assets. Till date, I was against my mom's thoughts. I never obliged her idea.

2. Reason No.2 Loss Of Studies
My mom says that whenever I put in revealing clothes and hot fashion clothes, It takes me away from my studies. I thought it quite ridiculous in start but later I found it somewhat true.For about 60% of my free time I thought about how to dress. She said, I should be focusing on my studies rather than feeling the craze for fashion.I watched TV and runway fashion shows and tried to adopt those styles.  

3. Reason No.3 Our Average Income
To me, it was the main reason my mom stopping me from hot fashion clothes. My father had an average income that can be sufficient to fulfill our daily needs but not the expensive clothes. Mostly, I thought to buy some expensive clothes and my mom stopped me 80% of the time. LOL, that she never told me why she was doing that but now I could sense that my mom was absolutely right. I should be thinking about what we have in our bank to buy those expensive clothes.
Today, I got to say that my mom is absolutely right. She did it for me as she never wanted me to get mis-tracked. I'm thinking now that if I had kept on wearing those hot fashion clothes, I had been adopting unfair means to dress myself. My father and my mom can't afford that. It is also quite understandable now. Thanks my great mom.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

1 Look That Men Feel Most Attractive

This is really impressive: It turns out, both men and women feel women more attractive and beautiful when they have less makeup on, according to a dedicated study published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. For the study, researchers recruited 44 women to model for photographs. They presented the models with a wide range of makeup and asked them to apply it as if they were going out for the night. The models were photographed pre- and post-makeup application.

Then these photos were altered to create 21 pictures of each woman with various amounts of makeup on and presented to 44 observers (22 male, 22 female). The observer could move through the images smoothly, seeing a gradual increase and decrease in makeup. Then they were asked to choose which version of each woman was the most attractive to them, which version they thought would be the most attractive to men, and which version they thought would be most attractive to women. 

Interestingly, women preferred a bit more makeup than men did (but not much). But here's the major news: The models put on over 30 percent more makeup than any observer found attractive, which was also more than what any observer thought others would find attractive. So chances are, you're overdoing it on the makeup front.

Styling Looks
Both men and women thought that other people would prefer more makeup than they themselves preferred—so apparently, we think we're in the minority if we prefer a more natural look. And both sexes assumed that men would prefer more makeup than the women would; in reality, the opposite was true. Well, there it is—when it comes to makeup, less really is more. So, if you're piling on products to please anyone other than yourself, you might want to use that old jewelry trick and take one thing off before you leave the house.
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