Saturday, 31 May 2014

3 Reasons Why Mom Was Right About Hot Fashion

I always tried to put on revealing clothes and adopt hot fashion. My mom was not in favor of that because of three reasons. Before I speak about those 3 reasons that why my mom was against hot fashion, I must first go through the back story. I am 17 Years old now. I should not include my measurements here but I must say that I look quite a sexy girl. Almost everything I own, clothes, shoes and other fashion stuff, is categorized as hot. This is because I mostly go out wearing something that attracts, deep necked or tight clothes,sharp colors and sometimes slutty clothes.because, I don’t know why, I wanted to seek attention.So I also don’t even worry about how I've been wearing the same black t-shirts and a couple boy-button-downs and that I forget what my “style” might be, really, because I haven’t participated in fashion beyond holding a mindset of such stuff.
1. Reason No.1 My Weird Attentions
This was the main reason that my mom was against hot fashion. She always thought that hot fashion tries to divert my attentions. To some extent that was true. Whenever, I went on a party wearing a revealing dress and some males in the party started staring me , I usually got diverted from the main course. I never thought that I was there to attend the ceremony , not to start an affair.I UN-intentionally thought again and again about those eyes staring me and searching my body assets. Till date, I was against my mom's thoughts. I never obliged her idea.

2. Reason No.2 Loss Of Studies
My mom says that whenever I put in revealing clothes and hot fashion clothes, It takes me away from my studies. I thought it quite ridiculous in start but later I found it somewhat true.For about 60% of my free time I thought about how to dress. She said, I should be focusing on my studies rather than feeling the craze for fashion.I watched TV and runway fashion shows and tried to adopt those styles.  

3. Reason No.3 Our Average Income
To me, it was the main reason my mom stopping me from hot fashion clothes. My father had an average income that can be sufficient to fulfill our daily needs but not the expensive clothes. Mostly, I thought to buy some expensive clothes and my mom stopped me 80% of the time. LOL, that she never told me why she was doing that but now I could sense that my mom was absolutely right. I should be thinking about what we have in our bank to buy those expensive clothes.
Today, I got to say that my mom is absolutely right. She did it for me as she never wanted me to get mis-tracked. I'm thinking now that if I had kept on wearing those hot fashion clothes, I had been adopting unfair means to dress myself. My father and my mom can't afford that. It is also quite understandable now. Thanks my great mom.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

1 Look That Men Feel Most Attractive

This is really impressive: It turns out, both men and women feel women more attractive and beautiful when they have less makeup on, according to a dedicated study published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. For the study, researchers recruited 44 women to model for photographs. They presented the models with a wide range of makeup and asked them to apply it as if they were going out for the night. The models were photographed pre- and post-makeup application.

Then these photos were altered to create 21 pictures of each woman with various amounts of makeup on and presented to 44 observers (22 male, 22 female). The observer could move through the images smoothly, seeing a gradual increase and decrease in makeup. Then they were asked to choose which version of each woman was the most attractive to them, which version they thought would be the most attractive to men, and which version they thought would be most attractive to women. 

Interestingly, women preferred a bit more makeup than men did (but not much). But here's the major news: The models put on over 30 percent more makeup than any observer found attractive, which was also more than what any observer thought others would find attractive. So chances are, you're overdoing it on the makeup front.

Styling Looks
Both men and women thought that other people would prefer more makeup than they themselves preferred—so apparently, we think we're in the minority if we prefer a more natural look. And both sexes assumed that men would prefer more makeup than the women would; in reality, the opposite was true. Well, there it is—when it comes to makeup, less really is more. So, if you're piling on products to please anyone other than yourself, you might want to use that old jewelry trick and take one thing off before you leave the house.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Latest Fashion Silk Saree Designs 2014

I must say that Saree is very popular in India and Pakistan. I have found some latest Saree designs for girls here. These Silk Saree Designs are awesome. I hope all girls and women would love my collection. Some of these saree designs are handcrafted and original stuff. Check photos of Saree below.
Saree Designs Collection 2014
Here is a nice collection of saree fashion in 2014.

A Nice Saree Fashion

Red Saree Design
Yellow Saree Design

Silk Fashion Saree
This is the best collection of silk saree designs of latest fashion in 2014. You may add some spice to these designs.Check out some more posts on Latest Fashion Trends.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Easy Skin Whitening Tips In Urdu : Beauty Tips for girls

Easy Skin whitening facial At Home
These beauty tips are easier to follow.
1) First of all perform cleansing for 4-5 minutes. then clean your face using a sponge and then wash your face thoroughly.

2) Dip your finger tips in water again and again while cleansing.

3) Then do scrubbing using a good apricot scrub. Start massage from neck giving upward stokes. Do scrubbing on whole face and neck giving upward strokes. After 10 to 15 minutes, clean your face using wet sponge. If you have white or black heads then do not remove scrub from your face. Take steam for 10 minutes and remove black or white heads using blackhead removing tool.

4) Then apply any good toner according to your skin type.

5) Then do massage on your face and neck using cucumber massage cream. Do massage for at least 10 minutes. Massage makes blood circulation fast in your skin and gives a natural glow. After massage do not wash your face with water.

6) At the end apply mask on face and neck. Mud mask is the best mask for all skin types.

How to make Mud Mask
Take some dry mud mask and add some egg yolk and milk. Mix it very well. Apply this mask on your face and neck. Leave mask for 10 minutes and let it dry. At last, Wash your face thoroughly with water.

Friday, 14 March 2014

10 Must Read Styling Tips for Women

Being a woman I follow all fashion trends that suit my figure. It's not a single fashion story of mine , all girls are somewhat fashionable.I must say but the smallest tweaks to your outfit can make all the difference. Want to repurpose that casual blazer for the office? Cinch it to define your waist. Want to add extra pep to your leather shorts and white tee? Try coordinating your coat, bag, and lip color. Read on for the easiest outfit ideas that will make you look more polished, and all in under a minute. 

Add A Nice Hat To your Dress:

We like an all-black outfit as much as the next girl, but adding a brightly colored hat will take your look from mundane, to head-turning.

Replace Your Tights With Jeans:

Shown here on Leandra Medine of the Man Repeller, a form-fitting pair of black jeans under your skirt is both unexpected and practical in colder temperatures.

Wear Scarf Untied:

Add some drama by letting your long scarf hang over your coat. Extra points if it has a punchy print.

Carry A Clutch Purse:

As seen here on model, Dree Hemingway, wearing your bag as a clutch looks a little more ladydlike than stringing it across your body.

Cinch Jacket With A Ribbon:

Emmanuelle Alt, the Queen of French cool, recently cinched her oversized blazer with a skinny black ribbon. Et voila, a trend was born.

Match Your Lips, Bag, and Coat:

Inject your outfit with a trifecta of color by way of a matching bag, coat, and lip color, as this style maven did to great effect.

Cuff A Pair of Jeans You've Never Cuffed Before:

Next time you step into one of your favorite pairs of skinnies, flip the hem up for a change of pace.

Add Great Socks:

Just keep them in the same color family as either your shoes or your pants as Pernille Teisbeck does here.

Replace Your Necklace With A Scarf:

We’ve long sung the praises of the silk neckerchief. Add one in place of your go-to statement necklace.

Wear A Coat As A Dress:

Fully zip a coat in a light fabric and finish with sleek heels.

If you follow these simple guidelines to look stylish and fashionable, I'm sure you'd never be dissapointed .

Friday, 7 March 2014

I Love Makeup : Drugstore Starter Kit


I can’t quite believe in all my years of blogging that I’ve never covered the ground of a comprehensive drugstore makeup starter kit. You know how much I love lists, kits, all that good stuff – so here it is. Whether you are new to the world of beauty, are in need of some inspiration plucked freshly from the aisles of Boots and Superdrug or are putting together a to-be-gifted kit for a friend (can you be my mate?), here’s what I’d suggest lobbing into your basket that covers all beauty-bases:

FACE: Primer isn’t a completely necessary step, but it does help keep things in place that little bit longer. Right now I’m liking a dab of the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser around areas where foundation likes to play a disappearing act. For foundation it’s a toughie to find one foundation to fit all, but the L’Oreal True Match Foundation does a good job of people pleasing. When I mentioned this on Instagram I’d say 90% of the comments were in its favour; there’s a vast colour range, it’s got a natural-looking medium-ish coverage and it sits perfectly between matte and dewy. It’s good. The corresponding concealer is a nice one too that I’ve been using for years - L’Oreal True Match Touche Magique Concealer. Try to find one that can double up as an under-eye cover-up and blemish blender away-er too. A liquid highlighter is a nice addition, like Revlon Photoready Skin Lights. They can be blended with foundation to sheen it up, applied on cheeks as a highlighter or mixed it with body lotion for an oomph-ed up glow. Bronzer is a must-have for imparting faux rays on your complexion if required or adding definition; just stick to something without too much shimmer like the Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Bronze. Finally there’s blush, which being a naturally ruddy faced gal I always seem to skip, but there’s no denying that a healthy flush can come in handy in times of general ‘meh-ness’. Cream textures can multi-task as a blush and lip colour and you don’t even need a brush – you know how I feel about the MaxFactor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Pink.


EYES: To tame and define the brows, Maybelline’s Brow Drama is a good choice that sets while adding a touch of pigment in the right places. Moving onto lids and a palette that has every neutral eye makeup menu covered is the Wet ‘n’ Wild in Comfort Zone. With MAC-dupes a plenty in there, it’s comprehensive alright, though annoyingly unavailable in the UK – apologies for being a tease. But MUA and Sleek have got some wicked compacts out there storing eye makeup looks aplenty in ‘em. Then you’ve got to have a mascara and may I point you in the right direction of MaxFactor and L’Oreal – both do fab formulations that should appease you whatever your lash preference. An eye pencil or two is a good addition as well. Not only do they come in handy for upper lid lining and tight-lining they can also be used smudged all over the lid sans shadow or as a base. Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Eye Liners are the best in the biz I’ve found.

LIPS & TOOLS: My gloss recommendation is a no-brainer – Maybelline’s ColourSensational Lipglosses. If you’re into nudes give Coffee Kiss a go, pink lovers go for Pink Shock or if you fancy something subtle there’s always Cashmere Rose. But bridging the gap between gloss and lip colour are the Revlon Lacquer Balms. Now these come in every kind of formula you could possibly think of, but the shade Demure from their glossy line-up is a good all-rounder and nude option for all. Now you’ve got to have a bold lip in there and I reckon Rimmel offer up the best range on the highstreet. Their Moisture Renew formula has a tonne of bold colours, but In Love With Ginger is my personal favourite. Tools-wise, unless you’re naturally graced with a full-on flutter, a pair of eyelash curlers will always come in handy and personally I find the Superdrug ones to do the job. Then for brushes it’s all about Real Techniques. Being synthetic they buff in colour beautifully, wash well and aren’t too pricey. There’s a whole host of options to pick from, but the Sam’s Picks Collection has all the good’uns in.

Of course there are some gaps in the aforementioned kit. For example there’s no inclusion of a setting powder, (though a light dusting of bronzer should do the trick and the finish of the L’Oreal True Match isn’t too dewy) or eye primer (a bit of concealer on the lids will get rid of redness) – multi-tasking makeup is where it’s at. A note on brushes too; Real Techniques aside, No.7 do a good Lisa Eldridge approved range plus there are always deals on them and the Zoeva, available from Love Makeup do a line-up that seem very MAC-like for a fraction of the price. You may also notice the non-appearance of a nude lipstick in the list, but that’s because I’m saving the best budget buffs up my sleeve for New trends eye makeup.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Pakistani Fashion Trends Are Amazing

Pakistani fashion offers a wide range of Pakistani dresses for women that are ideal for daily wear, casual fashion, formal wear, evening dresses, party wears and the bridal wear. Pakistani designers are specialized in making high quality, latest fashion and trending outfits for women. Very passionate about fashion work and they are putting in a lot of efforts to bring the best designs so that women look good.
Special emphasis is given to Styling & Cuts of each dress to make the women wearing them stand out. Designers export Pakistani ladies suits in custom made sizes as per the designs and patterns selected or provided by customers. Designers can customize any outfit the way you would like it, including color, stitching, and embroidery.



Superior quality fabrics in cotton & cotton blends, chiffon, raw silks, georgette, hand loom, khaddi, jamawar, satin, lawns, organza, katan silk, etc., with customized designs ensures total customer satisfaction with Pakistani dresses.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Latest Fashion Trends 2014 [What To Wear?]

In accordance with the chills that the recent weather carries in itself, the 2014 will certainly be following some "Latest Fashion Trends." The year may be more about coats and neck warmers, along with classy boots. This does not necessarily require us to get off the year with that entire rusted wardrobe. Instead, squares and checks is the ultimate choice of jackets and coats that will bring about that very unique look that you would want to initiate a new year with.
All fashion lovers have been looking forward to how they will acquire a brand new look as a completely fashionable year awaits them all. We’re here to shape all those wild ideas in your minds and help you decide what you’ll be wearing this year according to the immense fashion trends of 2014.

Moving further, the most exciting time of the year when you can take as many risks with prints and colours and yet, get away with it all, obtaining the most elegant look, is spring 2014. Floral embroideries will be surviving yet another year and still be as glamorous as never before. Along with that, colours have a great effect on one’s moods and so a large number of colours as well as their fusion will be all over the place. You have got to get hold of the craziest colour, and that shall be the best of them all. Most of all, pink will be gaining an advantage over all the other colours this year, allowing you to play safe in case you are one of the risk averse trend followers. Wearing pink with your flat sandals will make the perfect combination, enhancing your style.

Hopping from colours to prints, designers have preferred a liner pattern this season, making use of a lot of striped outfits being displayed on the ramps. Another one of the glitzy prints that have been on top of most of the designers’ list is checks. That’s right- bold prints like the ones mentioned, have attracted the attention of numerous leading designers of the world and the year 2014, will be the best time to let yourself loose and try on more classy options.

Moreover, the right outfit does just half the job and hence, accessorizing is a major stage in acquiring the perfect look. The precise jewelry you will wear, the sort of bag you will carry and also, most importantly, the shoes that magnify your intended appearance- all aid in bringing out your most presentable self. This year, bangles and shiny bracelets will be the best ornament on your wrist. Chunky necklaces, interchangeably with funky neck scarves will also definitely do the job. High, thick heels along with bean duck boots will be most highlighting your personality with this regard.

Furthermore, bags are the one thing without which a woman may never step out of her house, not even for a while. It is the one item that is her very customary fashion statement.  With reference to the types of bags that will be highly regarded in the year 2014, our sensational ladies are suggested to get their hands onto some of the very trendy cross-body, as well as messenger bags. From casual bags, for the most rough, everyday use, to the most shimmering, feminine bags for a more formal use, you can make any sort of choice that suits you. Other than that, big bags have consistently been in fashion for a few years and will this year too, remain in trend. So, for all the ladies who are either travelling or work around, or simply enjoy carrying bigger hand bags can this year, still confidently continue to rely on their fashion judgment.

Latest Fashion, according to what people usually think, is not just about what the majority has been wearing or that typical look that all the individuals are required to demonstrate. Fashion isn’t any standard. It is far vast than one can even imagine. It is about how deeply you believe in yourself and how confidently you carry yourself. It is not about what is expected of you, but how you portray yourself no matter what you put on. It is about your own personality and in fact, the more boldly you decide to live your life, the better fashion figure you would be, and this is exactly how you are to begin the year 2014- with the most positive attitude.

Friday, 24 January 2014

5 Best perfumes for girls

The fashionable women love having best perfumes. Having a superb and great smell dependably makes an exceptional impression. Actually it may even leave an enduring memory since the feeling of odor is quite exceptional at memories. Putting on a scent is the most ideal approach to have a decent fragrance that keeps ticking for hours. Best perfumes are produced from a mixture of oils and scents that should blend with the figure's science and compliment it. Separating the best elements for the right aroma is unreasonable which is the reason a few scents can take more than far too much. Anyhow the great news is that in spite of the fact that a few ounces may take your money, but just a couple of drops are important to smell exceptional for the duration of the day.

1. Shalini Perfume
The price of this ladies perfume is At $409.90 per ounce. This special perfume for girls only is an exotic combination of musk, sandalwood, tuberose, tiara flower, and neroli.  this special fragrance was created by Maurice Roucel.
2. JAR Bolt of Lightning Perfume
It is a great perfume and it was designed by Joel A. Rosenthal, so is the name. Its fragrance was meant to smell just like the air that circulates after lightning strikes. Perhaps its name comes from the way the perfume reacts with the body. Its scent transforms very fast but is tuberose. It starts off smelling like flowers, fruits, and newly cut grass but in the end it becomes sweeter and there is a hint of musk. It's price is $765. The fragrance lasts a very long time. It is packaged in a hand-cut bottle that was designed for this French fragrance.
3. Annick Goutal’s Eau d’Hadrien
The citrus scent of Eau de Hadrien suit both men and women but women love it more. Its fragrance is mostly citrus because of the mixture of lemon, mandarin orange, Sicilian lemon, cypress, and grapefruit although it has a hint of floral thanks to the ylang ylang extracts. Because of the heavy notes of citrus, it is great on the skin. It has a refreshing scent, too which is perfect for the day. The designer of the fragrance, Annick Goutal created this scent because of her love for Tuscany and because of the inspiration from the novel Memoirs of Haiden.

4. Hermes 24, Faubourg Eau de Perfume
It is priced at $1500 per ounce, this limited edition perfume for women, is another Maurice Roucel creation.  Only 1000 of the square St. Louis crystal bottles were created.
5. Baccarat Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes
This perfume has a price of $1800. The Baccarat is the only crystal manufacturer that has entered the perfume industry. It is rated as one of the best perfumes for girls. After making bottles for the Clive Christian scents, the company decided to come up with a scent for its own brand. The scent was meant to have a middle eastern aroma which is why it is a concoction of frankincense and myrrh. It comes in a crystal bottle that is made out of crystal, of course, and is shaped like a pyramid. 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

New Trends For Eye Makeup

In the realm of excellence, allure, and fashion, eye cosmetics are the most significant. The concentration on the human face has been the foundation since vanity has been a yearning. They say the eyes are the windows to one's soul. In this way the amazingly high measure of criticalness set on the eyes bears an exchange of separate types of eye makeup.The most widely recognized eye shade is tan. Since it is the most continuous eye shade, there are approaches to upgrade the accurate magnificence of a tan eyed girl with colors that make the eyes pop. It is vital to pick the right color enhancers for the tan eyed girls dependent upon the skin tone of the individual. I have tan eyes and wish to impart some eye shadow colors that make the tan eyes wake up.
New Trends For Eye Makeup
Women with brown or hazel color eyes can wear many shades and try with different colors.It is important to find the look that works best with their brown peepers. My eye color can sometimes look really dark but in good lighting will feel like a honey color. I mostly use the green color to bring out my eyes. For me, any shade of green will be good but I prefer a light green over a dark green. If your eyes are different , suppose dark brown, try using a bright blue color like royal blue or cobalt and use purple for eyes that have flecks of hazel in the eye. Some Other colors to consider for brown eyes are blue, copper and black, purple, gold for a sexy smoky eye.

Smoky eye makeup is the favorite selection for girl.When applying eye makeup, do not rush. For the brown eye girl keeping it simple using black shadow on the lid and brown on the crease and blend together will create an easy smoky eye look. Also it is important to use eyeliner to enhance the shape of the eye by using browns, black and violet colors or navy colors.

If I want to do a retro look, I will use a white liner pencil and line the waterline of my eye then I'll use a kohl black pencil or liquid liner in black to line underneath the waterline making sure to extend the liner all the way to the corners of my eyes to create an almond shape. I then use a solid color such as a shimmer powder shadow in light pink or powdery blue on the lid.

Whenever you are going for a date make your eyes sparkle. Generally, eye shadow that is brighter will bring out your flirty side. But if you lean towards darker shades, it's going to be sultry and sensual. Either way, ensure the color sweeps up and out, creating a slightly smoky accent. Always begin with a hint of color, and build up from there until you achieve the degree of sexy you want. All the while, to inject that professionally done look, blending will be the key to a perfect finish.

What's fortunate about eye makeup tips for a date is that fun colors can be experimented with beforehand. A splash of color in an eyeliner applied to the lower lid could bring out a whole new you. Be brave and experiment, if all else fails, seek the advice of a trusted confidant with similar tastes.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Latest Bra Designs For Hot Looks

No one can tell the accurate date how the bra first started to be. There are records, on the other hand, which uncovered that a few dresses utilized bras as a part of the old times look what thought to be as an intend to help or spread ladies' breast. In the fifteenth century, bodices were the closest things for men that is much the same as a bra as it holds the breast upwards. It was in the nineteenth century that the bra was made and was then acknowledged a bit of underwear. From that year, the bra has advanced and transformed into a spellbinding bit of apparel for ladies to parade their physique or lure someone. The majority of women is searching for Latest Bra Designs.


Subsequently, diverse varieties of bras online are accessible and in the business sector, for example, Barely There bras and bras from Triumph.
Yet majority of women and men additionally are still not completely conscious concerning why ladies wear bras. I feel it a fashion.
Another reason why women wear bras and browse bras online is that they want to prevent their breast from sagging further.
A great deal of ladies shop over the net and in shops or stores out of propensity. They were taught by their moms to wear bras in light of the fact that it is normal assuming that you are a young lady.
Some of these ladies feel inconvenience when wearing one particularly if the size is not fitting for them. Since there are some sort of bras online that are accessible, and these are offered in distinctive styles, colors, and sizes; some ladies don't address the importance of why they wear a bra.
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