Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Pakistani Latest Fashion Clothes For Women

This is a nice collection of Pakistani Latest Fashion Clothes For Women.These Latest Fashion Trends can be found on most of the botiques in Pakistan.However,you can simply design these Pakistani Fashion clothes at home.These are the best Women Clothes and desgins in Pakistan.Women love wearing designer clothes but if you can't afford expensive designer clothes then this collection can provide a guideline.







Friday, 22 March 2013

Ponds Age Miracle cream for Women

Younger look is always a wish for women.Anti-Age Creams are women favorite.Born from a decade of cutting-edge research on the secrets of aging deep down at the cellular level in human skin, Pond’s Institute presents the next breakthrough in the science of aging -The revolutionary New Intelligent Pro Cell Complex™ technology. This potent combination of 6 Youth Enhancing Bio-Actives,actually makes your skin act younger, making it possible for you to turn back the clock & look up to 10 years younger. Now, isn’t that the miracle that you’ve been waiting for!
As time passes, all women start to show the signs of aging on the surface of their skin, starting to fade the unique and vibrant quality of youth that is vital to beauty. At Pond’s, we believe that youthful looking skin that is truly beautiful, is not about superficially fixing surface signs of aging and imperfections. We believe that it is only when the secrets of youthful skin are unlocked from within, that true beauty can shine through, with a joyous radiance that is full of life.This is the holy grail of anti-aging – the quintessential search for the secret fountain of youth,for all women who want youthful looking beautiful skin, no matter what their age.

Daily use luxe feel moisturizing Day Cream, which is the must have secret to keep them guessing what your real age is. Helps renew skin cells so fast, that age simply cannot catchup. Skin looks instantly brighter and youthful from the first application. Use daily to see truly youthful and radiant skin bloom from within, with visible reduction in wrinkles, fine lines,sagging and age spots.

Does all the hard work while you sleep.Slather on this night cream and while you sleep,let Pond’s Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream work hard to repair accumulated damage,promote cellular turnover and help your skin rejuvenate itself.Start the journey to a younger looking you with this extra moisturizing cleanser, that not just rinses off youth dulling impurities from the surface of your skin, but also helps prepare your skin for the goodies from Pond’s Age Miracle Cell ReGEN™ Day Cream.Join this blog for beauty tips and women fashion trends.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Latest Fashion Trends of Pakistani bridal dresses 2013

Wedding season is in progress again and so are latest wedding fashion trends.This collection of Latest Fashion Trends of Pakistani bridal dresses 2013 will surely suit your likes.In wedding season everyone wants to look unique and different.So,here is a collection of Latest Fashion trends in Pakistan adopted recently by the majority of fashion lovers.In this three day event perhaps Mehndi function is most exciting day for girls as well as for brides.
This Pakistani fashion theme is based upon multi color choice and these Latest Wedding Fashion Trends are getting popular day by day right from the start of this year.Here we are giving you some ideas for your mehndi function.Each and every dress is special in its own way some are multi-color frocks and some are made in combination of yellow and green/pink/orange.Do consider these designs before designing your own mehndi dress.
The choice of dresses depends upon personality.If you are going to wear a dress which doesn't suit your personality,it would look awkward.If you have a conservative personality and you are trying multicolor dressing,it would surely be out of style.
Blue color is likely to be appreciated for all kinds of fashion.Women love wearing blue clothes as it always looks good.
Same kind of choice lies in Pakistani wedding fashion.These days Pajamas are again into action but ssome ladies must not wear that if it is against their body shape.a heavy body doesn't suits pajama style.
In final lines of this post,we should sum up that if you are a follower of Latest Fashion trends of Pakistan you should always go according to your personality.Wear that suits your body and never go blindly following women fashion.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Fashion and Dressing for Your Body Shape

Here are the Insider tips about how to dress for your unique shape.In a world of ever-changing trends,knowing what to wear to flatter your shape can be a challenge.YouBeauty’s Style Expert,celebrity stylist Sam Saboura,gives you basic style tips to live by,so you know how to look your best no matter what’s in style.Fashion is a tool—like makeup or hairstyles—to create a look you love.“You can change your clothing to have a positive effect on your body,”Saboura says.“You want to contrast what your body is telling you.If your body is soft,add structure;if it’s angular,add softness.The whole idea is to create balance.”Flip through our style guide for tips tailored to your body shape.
Triangle Body Shape

Best features.Shapely legs,a trim waist and head-turning hips give your body feminine appeal.

Common pitfalls.“You have a slender upper body,so your instinct might be to show it off with slim-fitting shirts,”says Saboura.Resist the urge!Tiny tops throw off your body’s balance,making your bottom look bigger than it is.

When you think about tops,think layers.Creating balance for your shape is all about filling out your upper half.“A cardigan is your best friend,” says Saboura,because it adds lightweight volume.For cooler weather,try cropped jackets that stop at the waist (channel Jackie O.for inspiration).Don’t be afraid to show a little skin,too.Three-quarter sleeves,wide scoop necks,and one-shoulder tops all look great on you. 

Boot-cut pants are best for your body.“The slight flare helps to balance out curves,especially if you wear them with a heel to give your legs a little length,”Saboura suggests.Go for dark,medium-rise jeans with simple stitching and pockets in the back.For skirts and dresses,try a classic A-line cut that falls softly over your curves and highlights your trim waist.Avoid high waists and pleated skirts—they’re made for filling out figureless femmes.      

Fabrics and Flair
Draw the eye up with bright colors and embellished tops.Saboura says,“Try a boatneck shirt with horizontal stripes,”or a cardigan with rosette detailing. Chunky jewelry can work well for you too,adding interest up top.Prints and patterns are fine for your lower body,but aim for darker colors. 
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