Thursday, 16 January 2014

New Trends For Eye Makeup

In the realm of excellence, allure, and fashion, eye cosmetics are the most significant. The concentration on the human face has been the foundation since vanity has been a yearning. They say the eyes are the windows to one's soul. In this way the amazingly high measure of criticalness set on the eyes bears an exchange of separate types of eye makeup.The most widely recognized eye shade is tan. Since it is the most continuous eye shade, there are approaches to upgrade the accurate magnificence of a tan eyed girl with colors that make the eyes pop. It is vital to pick the right color enhancers for the tan eyed girls dependent upon the skin tone of the individual. I have tan eyes and wish to impart some eye shadow colors that make the tan eyes wake up.
New Trends For Eye Makeup
Women with brown or hazel color eyes can wear many shades and try with different colors.It is important to find the look that works best with their brown peepers. My eye color can sometimes look really dark but in good lighting will feel like a honey color. I mostly use the green color to bring out my eyes. For me, any shade of green will be good but I prefer a light green over a dark green. If your eyes are different , suppose dark brown, try using a bright blue color like royal blue or cobalt and use purple for eyes that have flecks of hazel in the eye. Some Other colors to consider for brown eyes are blue, copper and black, purple, gold for a sexy smoky eye.

Smoky eye makeup is the favorite selection for girl.When applying eye makeup, do not rush. For the brown eye girl keeping it simple using black shadow on the lid and brown on the crease and blend together will create an easy smoky eye look. Also it is important to use eyeliner to enhance the shape of the eye by using browns, black and violet colors or navy colors.

If I want to do a retro look, I will use a white liner pencil and line the waterline of my eye then I'll use a kohl black pencil or liquid liner in black to line underneath the waterline making sure to extend the liner all the way to the corners of my eyes to create an almond shape. I then use a solid color such as a shimmer powder shadow in light pink or powdery blue on the lid.

Whenever you are going for a date make your eyes sparkle. Generally, eye shadow that is brighter will bring out your flirty side. But if you lean towards darker shades, it's going to be sultry and sensual. Either way, ensure the color sweeps up and out, creating a slightly smoky accent. Always begin with a hint of color, and build up from there until you achieve the degree of sexy you want. All the while, to inject that professionally done look, blending will be the key to a perfect finish.

What's fortunate about eye makeup tips for a date is that fun colors can be experimented with beforehand. A splash of color in an eyeliner applied to the lower lid could bring out a whole new you. Be brave and experiment, if all else fails, seek the advice of a trusted confidant with similar tastes.

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