Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Latest Fashion Of Best Nails

I am going to share a Latest Fashion trend for your Nails. Beaded nails are rapidly turning into the new "hot" mani which is wonderful since its so natural to do! I did all then of my nails in less than ten minutes! That is the sort of mani I like! Remarkable, quick and fun. This mani is additionally once in a while called a "Caviar Mani" yet you're lawfully just permitted to call it that provided that you utilize items from a certain brand. I've additionally heard it called the Fish Egg nail treatment by some amazing bloggers, however beaded works for me!
It's just to make your nails the Best Nails.
In this Elementary exercise I utilized best beauty UK clean as a part of White (If you're in North America, strive for Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Whirlwind White) and bullion dots from Ebay and dollarnailart.

Work over a folded piece of paper so it's easy to put the excess back into your container.
I mixed three different colors of beads to get a pastel look. Play around!
Make sure your second coat covers your entire nail, it's difficult to fill in bald spots after you've poured the beads.
Top coat can really change the look of the mani, so use with caution! I've shown the before and after below. It can also make the color run on some beads. No Cheap surgery is required if you follow these simple tips.I hope you've enjoyed my Latest Fashion for Nails.


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