Sunday, 6 January 2013

Best Nail Colours for Winter Beauty Tips

Nails Painting can add style to your personality and beauty.These Beauty Tips can be much helpful for achieving the goal of Best Nail Colours For Winter.Painting nails is like killing two birds with one stone.On one hand,this is a great way to take care of yourself,a number one step of beauty regime.Since men are not familiar with paining nails (I mean,regular men,not EMOs),polished nails distinguish women from men and make it the easiest way to attract the opposite sex.It’s also a great way of spending your free time at ease.Imagine painting your nails while being completely gassed–definitely not possible.
As we all know,not only clothes are affected with seasons.Nails get seasonal too.In Winter 2012,there are quite a few remarkable nail trends to follow.Colors always play the first fiddle so why don’t you take advantage of winter weather and stay home to try new nail colors?Here they are!

Number one,burgundy.This color nods to the trendy wine hue palette and it’s a winter classic that never goes out of style.Rich,deep,and sophisticated,it shines with a polished perfection.Wear it with a deep burgundy lip for a classic evening look as seen in Salvatore Ferragamo.Guess who is sporting burgundy nails?Selena Gomez herself!

Number two,silver and gold.Of course not at one go.This season presents a new take on these classic hues.Silver is more reminiscent of a gunmetal gray whereas gold plays with green undertones.Keep the polish short and square to avoid looking too vampy (Fergie sports the trend impeccably).Search for inspiration in runway as the trend was seen in Chanel fashion show.

Number three,emerald green.You’ll love this shimmering and electrifying colour just like Rihanna does.The rock star-worthy colour extends a huge nail polish trend of last seasons,jade green (aka mint) invented by Karl Lagerfeld himself.Ready to amplify any holiday ensemble?Paint your long round talons in emerald green for an instant effect!

Number four,nude.The contemporary fashion staple:there were pumps,bags and now we have nails.The perfect beige is the modern way to wear a nude nail.Choose the rounder tips to elongate the fingers just like Lady Gaga.Spice it up a bit with a half-moon manicure consisting of black and beige,as in Phillip Lim.Always keep in mind that good nude nail polish can go from casual to dressy.Join this blog and stay updated with Beauty tips and Fashion.

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