Monday, 7 January 2013

Match clothing colors according to the season

Match clothing colors according to the season. Matching the colors comes at the first priority for women fashion. These Fashion Tips should help you in a good selection of colors.Light colors are generally appropriate for the spring and summer, while darker shades are best in the fall and winter.
Match neutral tones like black,brown and beige with bright,vibrant colors in the warmer months.Pair a violet top, for example,with warm beige bottoms. These colors complement each other while providing an interesting contrast. Generally,lighter shades are better worn on top because they can help to brighten your face while neutral tones are best on the bottom.

Wear spring and summer shades without overdoing the color combinations.Avoid pairing a yellow dress and a bright blue jacket,for example.Instead,choose a dress in a neutral tone to go with the jacket and complement the outfit with brightly colored shoes and handbag for a more fashionable look.

Wear darker shades and colors such as browns,grays,and blacks in the fall and winter months.Avoid wearing too much of one shade which can make your outfit appear like a solid block.Red and white are ideal shades to wear in the winter to contrast with darker clothing.

Choose clothing colors that match your features, whatever the season.Lavender,red and khaki work well for blondes, while green,navy blue and white tends to complement brunettes.An outfit with more than three colors can look busy and chaotic.Wear less than three shades while maintaining one dominant color.Black,white and gray can be matched with all colors.

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