Friday, 14 February 2014

Latest Fashion Trends 2014 [What To Wear?]

In accordance with the chills that the recent weather carries in itself, the 2014 will certainly be following some "Latest Fashion Trends." The year may be more about coats and neck warmers, along with classy boots. This does not necessarily require us to get off the year with that entire rusted wardrobe. Instead, squares and checks is the ultimate choice of jackets and coats that will bring about that very unique look that you would want to initiate a new year with.
All fashion lovers have been looking forward to how they will acquire a brand new look as a completely fashionable year awaits them all. We’re here to shape all those wild ideas in your minds and help you decide what you’ll be wearing this year according to the immense fashion trends of 2014.

Moving further, the most exciting time of the year when you can take as many risks with prints and colours and yet, get away with it all, obtaining the most elegant look, is spring 2014. Floral embroideries will be surviving yet another year and still be as glamorous as never before. Along with that, colours have a great effect on one’s moods and so a large number of colours as well as their fusion will be all over the place. You have got to get hold of the craziest colour, and that shall be the best of them all. Most of all, pink will be gaining an advantage over all the other colours this year, allowing you to play safe in case you are one of the risk averse trend followers. Wearing pink with your flat sandals will make the perfect combination, enhancing your style.

Hopping from colours to prints, designers have preferred a liner pattern this season, making use of a lot of striped outfits being displayed on the ramps. Another one of the glitzy prints that have been on top of most of the designers’ list is checks. That’s right- bold prints like the ones mentioned, have attracted the attention of numerous leading designers of the world and the year 2014, will be the best time to let yourself loose and try on more classy options.

Moreover, the right outfit does just half the job and hence, accessorizing is a major stage in acquiring the perfect look. The precise jewelry you will wear, the sort of bag you will carry and also, most importantly, the shoes that magnify your intended appearance- all aid in bringing out your most presentable self. This year, bangles and shiny bracelets will be the best ornament on your wrist. Chunky necklaces, interchangeably with funky neck scarves will also definitely do the job. High, thick heels along with bean duck boots will be most highlighting your personality with this regard.

Furthermore, bags are the one thing without which a woman may never step out of her house, not even for a while. It is the one item that is her very customary fashion statement.  With reference to the types of bags that will be highly regarded in the year 2014, our sensational ladies are suggested to get their hands onto some of the very trendy cross-body, as well as messenger bags. From casual bags, for the most rough, everyday use, to the most shimmering, feminine bags for a more formal use, you can make any sort of choice that suits you. Other than that, big bags have consistently been in fashion for a few years and will this year too, remain in trend. So, for all the ladies who are either travelling or work around, or simply enjoy carrying bigger hand bags can this year, still confidently continue to rely on their fashion judgment.

Latest Fashion, according to what people usually think, is not just about what the majority has been wearing or that typical look that all the individuals are required to demonstrate. Fashion isn’t any standard. It is far vast than one can even imagine. It is about how deeply you believe in yourself and how confidently you carry yourself. It is not about what is expected of you, but how you portray yourself no matter what you put on. It is about your own personality and in fact, the more boldly you decide to live your life, the better fashion figure you would be, and this is exactly how you are to begin the year 2014- with the most positive attitude.

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