Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Taking Care Of Lips

Taking Care Of My Lips
I never need my mope less than impeccable. Here's the manner by which I get kissable, common, enchanting lips in 10 minutes. A few snaps of Taking Care Of Lips for you.

The skin on lips is extremely thin and holds less regular shade, so its more defenseless to sun harm and dryness. Just used a water wet half folded tissue as my first step.
Keeping it Moisten, I squeeze it for the nest step.

Softly using it on my Lips from left to right and then right to left.Holding it against my mouth for a full minute to saturate lips before the next step, exfoliation (which I use once a week).

Now it needed to apply a petroleum Jelly. So I must do that and I did.

Now I need to absorb my Jelly by holding them for at least 30 seconds together in this style.

A thin coat of lipstick serves best for me. I never try to over do it.

Now its time to finish with a Lip Gloss coat. I would prefer using a thicker coat for me.

Nice smile and pinkish lips always boost my beauty. I would never like to Smile with crackled and chapped lips. Smiling with chapped lips is also painful for me so I prefer Taking Care Of My Lips daily.

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