Thursday, 9 May 2013

Most Famous Boutiques In Pakistan

Here is a list of the Most Famous ‘Boutiques’ in Pakistan.The term is used especially for a shop from where you can get unique and exclusive women dresses,designed by designers.Boutique is considered as a flourishing business not only in Pakistan but also round the world.Pakistani women try to adopt Latest Fashion Trends for them.Mostly fabric is bought for casual wear and women use to get the services of tailors to turn this fabric into a beautiful dresses but when it comes the question of some special occasion,women use to get the services of a designer or rush towards boutiques.
Pakistan women fashion is always trendy.It is a region of colorful and vibrant traditions where nobody needs to wait for an occasion and celebration but events wait to take their turn in busy life schedule.Therefore,boutiques are preferred and most visited place for those Pakistani women who love to wear something very exceptional and outstanding.There are a number of famous boutiques in various cities of Pakistan.Here we will talk about the famous boutiques of three big cities of the country,Karachi,Lahore and Islamabad.
Famous Boutiques In Karachi
Karachi is definitely famous for having a large number of boutiques and you can get a lot of good stuff here in Karachi, even not much expensive and out of range.Anyhow a few much famous and worthy boutiques from where you can get a really chicly and awesome outfit for you .few famous boutiques in Karachi are:

Maria B boutique
Cynosure boutique
Breeze boutique
Nee Punhal boutique
Generation boutique
Exclusive boutique
Couture Boutique
Ideas by Gul Ahmed
Feminine Touch

Famous Boutiques In Lahore
Lahore is also famous for its delicate but stylish and trendy women dresses. Lahori women are very fond of beautiful and elegant dresses.Liberty,Fortress Stadium and Defense are full of good boutiques.Though boutiques in Lahore are bit expensive as compare to Karachi but these are worthy.The names of famous boutiques in Lahore are:

Bareez’e Boutique
Amnaz Boutique
Fantasia Boutique
Fibrex Boutique
Gilby Boutique
Pak Prudent Boutique

Famous Boutiques In Islamabad
Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and is famous for its worth and style.various boutiques in Islamabad are as given below:

Monsieur Dress Boutique
Life Style 1 Boutique
NFCreation Boutique
Noelle Boutique
Redweds Boutique
Insta Shoots Boutique

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